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Robert Schimmel

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Robert Schimmel's big break finally came when Rodney Dangerfield saw him perform and invited him to appear on his HBO Young Comedians special. He soon went on to appear on ShowTime, the Playboy Channel and the Fox Network as well as star in his own ShowTime specials: Hard Core in The Big Apple and Robert Schimmel: Guilty As Charged. Robert Schimmel has also been a guest on a multitude of television shows which include: Conan O'Brian, The A-List, Sunday Comics, Comic Strip Live, Full Frontal Comedy, Joan Rivers, Oprah and the famous Ace Award-winning Coast To Coast. Other than his plentiful television appearances, Schimmel has also appeared in motion pictures such as Blankman with Damon Wayans, and A Low Down Dirty Shame with Keenan Ivory Wayans. In 1995, Schimmel was deservedly named Comic Of The Year in the Las Vegas Review-Joumal.

July 30, 1998 Robert Schimmel has made me laugh so many times, that I have come to adore him. This does not mean that I solely admire him from afar, because when I adore somebody, I go all the way. I have recently constructed a backyard shrine to Robert, with little candles, burning eternally, or at least until the year 10,052, which is all my estate could afford. I have also tried to imitate his walk, unsuccessfully. Robert, it seems, walks with one foot in front of the other, and it's been hard to teach my feet a new way after so many years of walking with a sideways gait, slinging one foot waist-high with a delicate toe-kick before setting it down heel-first on top of my other foot's toes.

Robert's comedy is so funny, that during the years '93-'95, I wanted to be him. And when I want to be somebody, I go all the way. I actually lived in his house without him knowing it for 9 months. It wasn't easy dodging him as he walked around the house, nor was it easy slipping into his bed after he had fallen asleep and rising before he waked. The only easy part was having sex with his wife, who seemed to be deeply unsatisfied, and would keep asking me if I knew anybody else who would take her after they found out she had been with Robert. I hope you enjoy this recording. I know I will be playing it over and over, until I memorize all the jokes and do them on Letterman, effectively destroying Robert's career since people would think that he stole from me, not the other way around. Steve Martin

Robert Schimmel returns with his second Warner Bros. album of fearless, no-holds-barred comedy. If You Buy This CD [or Cassette, depending upon your format of choice], I Can Get This Car showcases Schimmel's edgy, uncensored and deeply funny insights into sex, plane crashes, sex, Demi Moore, sex, sperm banks and-inevitably-sex.

"When an engaging mind wrestles with the absurd side of sexuality, the results can be rudely liberating fun. Robert Schimmel combines hard-core material with penetrating intelligence and doesn't settle for cheap, easy laughs. Lenny Bruce would be proud to see the subject matter he introduced being handled so deftly." (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

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