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Although from the 17 years it is in the world of farándula, the certain thing is that Yahir brings in the blood the taste by music then to the 8 years sang for the first time accompanied of a mariachi.

It was in Tónichi, a beautiful population bathed by the mighty Yaqui River that is the Earth of the ancestry of the Othón, here in Sonant where Yahir, at the request of its father, interpreted subject "Lamberto Quintero" accompanied by the mariachi the Sparrowhawks who directed Enrique Othón, cousin brother of his ancestor.

It is that town where also, only that some years before, was born the sonorense actress Alicia Oaks, Yahir in music made debut.

The name, assures the father, took from the Yahir soccer player de Jesus Pereira who played in the World-wide one of the Futbol Mexico 70.

Of his grandfathers it inherits.… "His grandfathers, Ramon Othón, taught the first agreed ones to him in the guitar and surely of him he inherited the coqueto with the ladies", assures Don Javier Othón who is known by his friends and relatives with mote "the Chito".

Of office jeweler, Don Chito that Ramirez in downtown works in the Jewelry shop, speaks with vehemence of its son of whom feels proud.

"from now, always and in its honor I did not take three letters from its name and completed the name of my fifth son, Yadan, this product of my second marriage", says Don Chito while one smooths its moustaches to the style Zapata, only who unlike this one, its complexion is white, almost blond, product perhaps of the mestization that was from the union of European, mainly French and Spanish which the sonorenses mountain range, rivers and valleys populated and that was mixed with some of the members of the eight ethnic groups that still subsist like so in the geography of Sonant, the second greater State in territory of Mexico.

It was born in the spring of 1979 They were approximately the 6:15 in the morning of the 21 of March of 1979 when Yahir made its arrival to this world in the clinic of gynecology and obstetrics of the Hospital of the Social Insurance of the sonorense capital, so its sign is Aries.

Yahir was the first-born of the marriage that in that then conformed Mrs. Dora Aurelia Parra and Don Javier Othón whom in the end two children procreated more, Iraís and Sildaine, that at the moment have 20 and 18 years of age respectively.

By other people's causes and more of the times inexplicable, Dora Aurelia and Javier decide to separate and to finish their marriage which did not make an impression on the spirit of Yahir, that on the contrary now would have "two houses", in addition to the one to its grandparents to pater to us in where there would be to receive love, affection, many cares and many regañadas by its anxious character, almost hyperactive, the father comments who for 11 years has been married with Evangelina Branches with which he has procreated other two children, Génesis of 10 years and Yadan of six.

"Sometimes, when it studied the secondary one, I had to break the guitar to him since one night before requested me that it helped him with a task that we finished at dawn, between 3 and 4 in the morning and to the following day, when I returned of the work still was slept and all the night had not gone to the school and everything to remain touching and composing songs; it gave anger me I broke the guitar to him and I gave a slap him that hurt more to my, although always it remembers it not by the pain but reason why I mean to him ' ", comments like sad anecdote its father.

It enchants the baseball to him Of not to have dedicated to music, from the 17 years, surely Yahir had been a good beisbolista, of great leagues, perhaps, says its father.

"From very small it began to play baseball in an equipment that I handled and between the anecdotes that memory with more affection was once the horse armor in a state match of baseball in Obregón City flew.

"Me I approached to him and I said to him that it will canalize all the anger in the ball that was going to send to him and says that therefore it did it since it put the ball to the other side of the horse armor with full box".

"Papa I gave in all its m....." Yahir shout him it filled of emotion and it crossed the bases like a champion.

Catcher and third base were the positions that he played during his adolescence.

As good player and fanatic of the baseball their favourite equipment are the Naranjeros de Hermosillo and the Yankees of New York.

Roasted meat and Pizzas, its favorite subjects of gossip The roasted meat, a very typical subject of gossip of Sonant, is one of the favorites of Yahir, agree in interview its father separately Javier Othón and his mother Dora Aurelia Parra, who with the aid of their respective families has dedicated in body and soul to make article sales with the image of the singer to make calls and to help that his son follows within the Academy.

Also they said to us that pizzas is the other weakness of Yahir.

Of which it is provided they take cheese, to him it also likes many pizzas and spaguetti and lasagna, without forgetting traditional frijoles refritos with tortillas sobaquera flour style (great) 15"diameter

Much people collaborate to maintain it in the Academy Dora Aurelia, with the aid of their daughters Sildaine and Irais as well as of relatives and friendships also commercialize t-shirts, bands, pens, key rings, lighters and many other objects that very are appreciated by the hermosillenses and with which make calls to 01 900 849 1315.

On the part of his father there is a great equipment that works in the streets, sport encounter, games of baseball of the Naranjeros equipment and until in plays which they appear in the capital of the country, thanks to the support of the theater industralist Lara Norm, sister of the producer Rubén Lara, sell their products.

She is possible to emphasize here the determined support that have offered to the grouping "Friends and relatives of Yahir" his uncle Jesus Romero who is the brain of "vendimia" of articles of the singer.

The hotel American Celebration collaborates with "cover" that Fridays in the nocturnal center Joyce meet all in where "New Moon" brightens up the musical group that gained a prize at national level and which they are personal friends of Yahir.

It is possible to indicate the aid that the singer has received from local mass media, mainly of the IMPARTIAL one and the program of spectacles "In Confidence", the only one in its sort in the sonorense radio, that trasmite daily of 12:00 to 13:00 hours noon in XEDL "the Force of the Word" in the 1250 of the band A.M. and that belongs to the Group Radio of the chain Radio 13 that directs to national level Don Carlos Quiñónez whereas in Hermosillo the radio broadcasting stations of the group, "Radio Love" XEPB, Maxima ´96 in F.M. and Race F.M., are in charge of Diego Serna.

He is a good father Tristán is four years old and at the present time fraterno of Yahir is the great love.

The boy, who at the moment has four years, is son of the sentimental relation that by a time Iron united to the artist with Jacqueline, a beautiful damita that him has inculcado to its son the love by its father although they as even no longer coexist like so since until before entering the Yahir Academy it had like fiancèe to Pamela Platt a hermosillense girl that resides with its family in Tijuana, Baja California.

The things did not go well back in Tijuana, to where Yahir it had gone away to the 17 years in search of use sources since there there was more nocturnal life than in his native city and Jacqueline decided to return itself with its Tristán son to Hermosillo.

The rest, you know it better than nobody, he him is throwing all the desire of the world to surely follow within the Academy, preparing yourselves and with the illusion to gain some of the three prizes, although its better prize will be, surely, the affection of the public who gives itself to him widely and totally, even in its earth in where Yahir, can be said, been prophet and been that it conjugates personality, scenic dominion, talent, voice, angel and mainly the decision to shine with own light in the national and international artistic firmament.

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