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Lee Minor

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Excellence in performance is what Lee is all about. He motivates and educates people to be the best they can be. And he likes to have a good time doing it. In pursuit of being the best he can be, Lee has completed ten marathons and over 200 5K, 10K, and half-marathons. He is licensed by the State of Missouri as a psychologist, and he has more than 20 years experience in speaking and consulting. His humor-filled presentations are packed with practical information that promotes positive change in individuals and organizations.

Lee conducts workshops and seminars for a wide range of educational, professional and business groups. His client roster includes Smith-Kline/Beecham, French Labs, The American Cancer Society, Searle Pharmaceutical, The National Institutes of Health, Sire Power, The Library of Congress, Ralston Purina and Wyeth Ayerst Laboratories.

In his presentations, Lee's goals are:

To promote the growth and development of groups through the growth and development of individuals

To enable individuals and groups to get their jobs done at a high level of excellence while promoting a positive work environment

To encourage individuals to accept responsibility for their own behavior and to interact effectively with others.


Control, Alternate, Delete – Three Easy-to-Remember Keys to Maximize Performance When your systems overloaded, when you can’t seem to get your life ‘on line’, or when you are operating at less-then-maximum effectiveness, these three, easy-to-remember keys are sure to get you up and running smoothly again. Most of us are very familiar with the three keys, control, alternate, delete. We use them, more often than we would like, to restart our computers. This presentation concentrates on using them to restart our lives.

Celebrating Diversity – Three Cheers for Differences! The workforce is becoming increasingly diverse. You work with or serve people of different races, cultures, ages, genders, lifestyles, learning styles, religions, and values. Eighty percent of your long-term, professional success will depend on your ability to work well with people who are not like you. This presentation will prepare you to build productive relationships and take a leadership advantage in the workplace of the 21st century.

Life on the High Wire – Balancing Work, Family, and Play Someone has raised the ante on what it takes to be a ‘normal’ human being. There are ever increasing demands to be, do, and own more and more. Stress is familiar and constant in most lives. We spend billions of dollars on over-the-counter medications to make the effects of stress on our bodies. We talk openly about burnout. Finding balance in work, family, and play is a powerful step in coping with these changing realities.

Creative Coping with Change – Your Ticket to Meeting Challenges without Distress The one sure thing in lives today is change. Change is happening at a dizzying rate. Many people fear the unknown and long for how it used to be. Change can be an opportunity for growth or it can be a threatening stressor. This presentation is a survival kit for change in the new millennium. It focuses on positive choices to help you not only survive, but prosper, in this new century.

Team Power!--Working Together to Do Great Things “A group can be a roadblock to progress, enforcing ‘group-think’ and conformity on its members, paralyzing decision-making processes, and smothering individual initiative. Under other conditions a group can be a powerful synergism of talents, strengthening its members, speeding up the decision-making process, and enhancing individual and personal growth.” (Rensis Lickert, Director of Social Research, University of Michigan) This course is designed to create the team described in the italicized statement above.

A Positive Approach to Managing People -- Leading Without Cracking the Whip The traditional, punishment-oriented approach to managing people does not work with today’s workforce. People simply do not do their best job in a fear-filled environment. Leading employees brings better results than bossing them! This course presents the importance of creating a positive, productive, fear-free, and diversity-friendly workplace and shows you how to do it.

Managing Performance – Getting the Appraisal Monster Off Your Back The most effective appraisals occur in situations where positive relationships are valued and encouraged. A productive appraisal does not take place in a vacuum. The day-to-day treatment of people dictates the quality of the dialog during an appraisal discussion. The goal is to use the performance appraisal as an integral part of a positive system of managing people for excellent performance and productivity.

Handling Conflict – When You Feel Like Screaming, What To Do Instead! Conflict is inevitable! What you choose to think about conflict determines whether the experience will promote or inhibit growth, creativity, and productivity. This presentation explores strategies for achieving a win-win resolution of conflict.

Quality Customer Service – Keeping Customers Coming Back Never before have customer’s expectations for service been so high. Never before have customers had so many options for seeking service. Never before have customers wanted service so quickly. Never before have customers felt so free to openly vent their anger and frustrations when their expectations of service are not met! This presentation covers what customers really want and the best ways to meet and exceed their expectations.

Time Management – Getting Things Done and Living to Tell About It! Getting everything done on time can be very difficult in today’s complex world. The information age has become the overload age. The many demands and options for how to spend your time can set your head to spinning! You may sometimes feel that your life is out of control. This course will assist you in the quest to get every valuable thing done and live to tell about it.

Good Humor at Work – Lifting Spirits and Getting More Mileage Through Smileage You don’t have to be a clown or stand-up comic to make humor work for you. Humor can improve everything from health to productivity. This presentation is based on research and first-hand experience with the positive effects of humor, and it will show you how to promote good humor at work. Play, humor, and fun are producing amazing results in business, industry, education, government, and especially health care.

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